Bildmotiv: Our historyBildmotiv: Our history

Modern Technique follows Tradition!

Joinery Werkhausen has been founded a hundred years ago. At the beginning, the family business produced handmade furniture predominantly for the rural population. With the increasing mobility of people, clientele grew and became brighter over the years. Werkhausen has been flexible and innovative from the beginning and always responded foresighted to new developments.

Today Thomas Werkhausen leads our family business in the fourth generation. Our technical equipment is optimally: on the one hand our clients profit by an ultra-modern production facility with CNC system, on the other hand they trust in our traditional handycraft art, such as handmade intarsia inlays or the expertly refurbishment of antiquities. Our individual design style for shops, objects, cabinetry or home is widely accepted.

The motor that propels ourselves is your perfect satisfaction! It's a matter of course that we advance and enhance technics, scheduling and our service.

Today we're proud to look back to a hundred years of experience and successful presence on market. State-of-the-art, high flexibility, best quality and reliability will guarantee our continuity and, first of all, your contentment - for the next hundred years.